Greek Moussaka in 13 steps

This post demonstrates the preparation of moussaka
Preparation of minced meat

Preparation of minced meat

Step 1: Prepare the minced meat sauce as the recipe describes. Make sure that the liquid of the minced meat has all evaporated. Let the sauce cool and then mix with egg and cheese.   

Basting the eggplants

Basting the eggplants

Step 2: If you want the recipe to be lighter in taste do not fry the eggplants. They absorb a lot of oil. Slice thinly the eggplants and baste them in oil.   


Step 3: Then grill them or bake them until they become soft. This way they absorb much less oil than if they are fried.   

Step 4: Some people add in the bottom of the moussaka a layer of potatoes. This is what we did in this demonstration. The potatoes are thinly sliced and then slighlty fried. 

Step 5: Start assembling the moussaka. Add first a layer of potatoes. 

Step 6: Then place half of the eggplants. 

Step 7: Spread the minced meat sauce and then … 

Step 8: add a layer of the remaining eggplants. 

Step 9: The layering of eggplants has finished. 

Step 10: Prepare the bechamel sauce

Step 11: Spread it over the moussaka and spread also the grated cheese. 

Step 12: Moussaka is baked. 

Step 13: This is a piece of the moussaka that we prepared. Observe the different layers of potatoes, eggplants, minced meat and bechamel sauce. 



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