Gum Mastic (Masticha)


Gum mastic – A unique crop from Chios island.


Gum mastic cake

Gum mastic cake

Gum mastic is a unique crop, which grows only in Chios island of the Aegean sea. It is very popular in Greece but not known by many millions of people around the world. It comes from mastic trees, which grow only in parts of Chios island. The cultivation of mastic trees in other parts of the world has failed. Therefore, Chios island is privileged to be the only part of the world, where gum mastic crop can be found.

Gum mastic can be chewed. Very often is used as a flavoring in spirits and also served as spoon sweet, like the famous “ipovrichio” (submarine). Gum mastic is also used in sweets, cooking and medicine. It is very healthy and when mixed with other sweets, chocolate fruits cream or yogurt make very tasty and light sweets.


One can buy gum mastic and its family products at shops by the ferry landing of Chios Town. Of course gum mastic can be also found in famous supermarket chains in big cities of Athens.
Picture is taken from the lonely planet edition “World food GREECE”