Fennel Pie

Fennel Pie

Fennel pie


  1. Mix the flour with half of olive oil, 1 tspn salt and some lukewarm water until dough is ready.
  2. Work the mixture with your hands and shape the dough into small round balls.
  3. Then make a small hole in the middle of each one.
  4. Prepare the mixture. Wash the greens or the spinach and drain well. Then chop and pour some salt, pepper, 1 tspn oil and 2 spoons of flour.
  5. Pour a spoon of the mixture into the hole of each dough and rework the dough. Use a rolling pin to press each ball into a thin round. Do not exceed the size of a plate.
  6. Then brush each side with olive oil and cook in frying pan on both sides. Do not burn the sides.


  • 2 bunches of fennel
  • Wild greens or spinach
  • 500 gr flour
  • 2 shot glasses of olive oil
  • Salt, pepper

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