Solar Cooking – How to cook

Greek sun - full throttle. Almost got to 180oC !

Greek sun – full throttle. Almost got to 180oC !


Most recipes take slightly less liquid when cooked in a solar oven.

Time for cooking depends on the temperature of the food as it is placed in the oven, as well as the brightness of the day.

Allow plenty of time.  Foods hold well in the solar oven without scorching or drying out. You will need rougly double the time you need to cook in conventional oven.

Most recipes calling for a higher temperature will do fine if you give them more time.


GOOD:  Clear and sunny.  Oven will preheat to 275° – 300°F (130° – 145° Celsius.)

FAIR:  Hazy or partly cloudy.  Oven will preheat to 200° – 225°F (95° – 105° Celsius.)

  • Expect oven temperature will drop when food is put in.  This is okay.  It means the heat is going into the cook pot.

BAD:  On a completely cloudy day one cannot cook with the sun.  If the clouds move in and completely block the sun while cooking, simply finish the cooking in a non-solar way.

If food partially cooks and then rests in incubation temperatures, pathogens may grow in 2 or 3 hours. Partially cooked food should be removed from the cooker as soon as


Easy to Cook: (If started early, will be done on a fair day.)  Rice, whole grains, rolled grain flakes, cereals, most egg dishes, chops, ribs, fish and most poultry, puddings, crackers, cookies, brownies, fruits, green vegetables, shredded vegetables.

Medium to Cook:  (If started early, ready by noon on a good day or by evening on a fair day.)  Cornbread, gingerbread, medium-sized roasts, quick breads, yeast rolls and buns, souffl?s, root vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, some beans such as lentils, black-eyed peas, black beans.

Difficult to Cook:  (If started early, ready for late lunch or dinner on a good day.)  Whole turkey, large roasts, stews and soup and bean pots (unless brought to a boil before placing in solar oven), most yeast breads and cakes, pre-soaked pinto beans, field peas, garbanzo beans, small navy beans, soybeans, kidney beans, red beans, yellow peas, dried peas, split green or brown peas.

Introduction and Cooking Guidelines Courtesy of Kerr-Cole Solar Cookers