Stuffed vine leaves Demonstration of folding process

Stuffed vine leaves Demonstration of folding process

The steps demonstrate the preparation of Stuffed vine leaves with rice. The steps that demonstrate the folding of the vine leaf can be also used for the Stuffed vine leaves with rice and meat RECIPE.


 Step 1: The vine leaves of this picture have been preserved in the freezer. When the time comes to be used, you should remove them from the freezer and let them drain in a colander until they are tender again. 


 Step 2: Mix in a bowl the rice the aromatic herbs and the spring onions. Unlike theRECIPE, in which the onions are sauteed, in this demonstration we do not saute the onions in olive oil. 


 Step 3:  This is the first step of the folding process. The vine leaf is placed with the surface that had the stem to face up. Notice also where exactly the portion of the rice mixture is placed. 


 Step 4: The folding has started from the one side… 


 Step 5: then we fold the left and right leaves… 

 Step 6: and finish folding by rolling the vine leaf to a cylinder. 
 Step 7: Cover the surface of the saucepan with some spare vine leaves. 

 Step 8: This picture shows the best way to fit the dolmades into the saucepan. When all the vine leaves have been placed into the saucepan we cover them half way with oil and water and boil them until rice is cooked.


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