Ouzo is made from distilled grapes. The most common flavoring of ouzo is aniseed. Other common flavorings are fennel and mint. The alcohol volume of ouzo fluctuates from 38% to 46%. The difference in the amount of alcohol and the difference in the amount and type of flavoring is what makes each ouzo different. Ouzo turns milky white when mixed with water. Some people mix it with water, others not and some others like to have it on ice. Ouzo is the perfect drink to accompany appetizers, known as mezedes in greek. The appetizers can be salads, seafood, pickled vegetables, cheese, meatballs and many others. Ouzo drinking is a way of life. A good advise for those who are planning to drink ouzo is to drink and eat slowly.

ouzoIt is generally admitted in Greece that the best ouzo comes from Lesvos island. Common brands are Mini, Barbayianni, Samara, Kronos, Kefi. Ouzo Pitsiladi is another excellent distilled ouzo from Plomari village in Lesvos.