One of Greeks Favorites – Garlic Sauce

Garlic Sauce

Garlic Sauce

I could write a Phd on the subject of Garlic Sauce! It is one of the “national” dishes of the whole Mediterranean area. I can’t explain the reason why this combination of garlic with something starchy is so successful from Spain up to Turkey. Like pasta, it seems to satisfy a deep need. It is one of many dishes that feed both body and soul.

In Greece its variations are countless. There is, of course, the classic one, with potato, garlic, olive oil and lemon. Some chefs swear that bread is the only ingredient that can be used as a basis for this sauce – dip – spread. (what exactly is garlic sauce has never become clear!). Ionian islands’ aliades may take their name from Italy but they are not really different from the ones met elsewhere in Greece.

In Kefalonia it is done based on potato, lemon and fish broth, while in Corfu they use bread, almonds and vinegar. This last one is very interesting because it belongs to the garlic-sauce “club” made with dried fruits. In Macedonia they made their fabulous local garlic sauce with nuts. There is also a variation that contains yogourt. The most sensational and unusual version, though, is met in Arkadia where they make garlic sauce using chestnuts. What can we say about the way they make it in Marmaras, Chalkidiki, which goes far away from the fasting nature of it? They use.. .feta cheese as its basis!

Garlic sauce is not always eaten cold as a side plate for cod and beetroots. In our local cuisine we can find it as a real sauce, in hare or even pork in a dish named “lagoto” from Peloponnese. If we think things better, what is “brandada” from Santorini if not cod cooked with garlic sauce mixed with tomato juice.


Source: Diane Kochylas from Newspaper “Ta Nea”


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