Lobster with rice


  1. Wash and boil the lobster in a pot (boil for approximately 13 minutes for a 1kg (2lbs) lobster (+3 minutes per 1/2Kg (1lb)).
  2. While the lobster is boiling, chop two onions and the tomatoes (but keep separately).
  3. When the lobster is ready, remove it from the pot, but do not throw away the water.
  4. Clean the lobster from the shell and cut the tail in pieces.
  5. In a deep saucepan, add a cup of olive oil, the chopped onions, salt, pepper, basil and the lobster slices. Sauté the lobster slightly on each side and then add the tomatoes.
  6. Take two cups of the water in which you boiled the lobster and pour them in a pot. Bring the water to boil and then add a cup of rice.
  7. Allow time for the rice to be ready (cover and cook in low heat according to the type of rice you use).
  8. When ready, pour the rice in the pot wit the sauce and serve. (Alternatively if you wish to make a more presentable dish, use cake’s pan (form) and then pour the sauce over the formed rice).


  • 1Kg lobster
  • 1 cup rice
  • 2 large onions
  • 3 medium tomatoes
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • basil (fresh or dried)
  • salt
  • pepper

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