Calorie info: 230 calories, 1 kg

Hints & Tips:

  • Needs very good preservation in the fridge. Place it in a paper bag and cover well the cut surface, if you have used part of it and you need to keep the rest. If you do not cover the cut surface it will get brown after a couple of days.
  • For a raw cabbage salad waste the outer cabbage leaves and use the most tender and fresh.
  • If you want to use the cabbage leaves for making “stuffed cabbage leaves with rice and meat” then you should wash the cabbage and remove the root with a sharp knife. Then, in a large saucepan boil water and heat the cabbage. Carefully separate each leaf and drain. Remove, if possible, the hard stem from each leaf. The leaves should soft and tender if to be used for keeping the stuffing inside them.


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