Aunt Julie's Recipe Book

Recipe book

Aunt Julie (theia Ioulia) was born in the beginning of the 20th century in Clio (kleio), a village of Lesvos island. She spent her life in the village of Skala Sikamia of Lesvos  and in Athens. She was an excellent cook and her specialities where the sweets. What I remember most from her cooking is the quince preserve sweet that she served us whenever we visited her.

If you are visiting this page then you have probably visited before a page with one of her recipes. I have tried to translate in english some of the recipes that are included in her recipe book. The translation was not easy because the writing of my aunt was not clear. Moreover, the recipes do not contain baking temperatures and baking time. Also, the metric system that was used in her times was different from the metric system that we use today to measure weight. Therefore, you may find strange that some portions are not rounded, like for example 640 grams, or 160 grams etc.

You may notice that ammonia and soda are used in some recipes. Soda was used in the past instead of baking powder. Finally, it was very common to use many eggs in sweets. This explains the large number of eggs, contained in some of the recipes.